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are designed to ensure entrepreneurs remain ahead of competition !

Topics covered in a structured way are given below. There are eight sections and each section is covered in details which are sufficient to ensure a smoother entrepreneurial journey.

*Free access is given for our on boarding events to select entrepreneurs after scrutiny. We invite select business owners and offer a free guest access. But in any of the situation it is mandatory to verify and confirm the email address.


a) Digital Marketing Basics for business owners b) Positioning a product c) Competitive positioning d) Why you should not be selling e) Turbo selling

Managing People

a) 3 techniques of managing conversions b) How to establish a deep human connection c) Building organizational structure


a) Maintaining business books using simplest method b) Fixing product price to ensure highest profitability c) Understanding financial frauds and way to safeguard


a) How Internet Works b) Building online presence using a free wordpress business theme c) How to ensure IT security


a) Building a plan for business (Vision, mission,…) b) 5 Step Model of Creating a Strategic Planning Culture c) Modelling strategies

Verbal Skills

a)Expressing it right b)Effective Public Speaking c)7 Cs of Communication

Building a brand

a) Communicating to customers b) Ultra economical way to advertise successfully

Process Improvements

a) Excellent and simplest quality tools which every business owner should use b) Five S c) Elevating to 6Sigma

Be a legendary

Be a part of legendary knowledge seekers

Steady upward movement is all it takes to be a leader in the industry. Be a part of business warriors who are not coming together to simply share leads but are active in learning new techniques of doing business.

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