Minority Business Forum

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Short Structure of Business Forum:

How we function

1)Group of business minded business owners who are running business as a full time activity to share contacts and the experience in a call in a structured manner. 2)Desired Frequency of a call - Weekly over Video (online). 3)Monthly seminars and workshops on business and profit improvements. Or activities designed to get higher profit in existing business. 4)Not required to close existing business while exploring other opportunities. 5)Exclusive registrations – i.e. one registration per business segment (e.g. if you are dentist, no other dentist would be allowed at the given location to be member). If more than one person from any industry is observed to be participant of the group aBusiness reserves right to remove any one. Decision would be taken based on the tenure and contribution to the group as observed by aBusiness or its representative. 6)Increasing membership pricing. It means aBusiness may charge higher amount to new members as the number of participants increase. 7)If any member do not get connected within 5 minute of starting in two successive calls (online video conference), he or she would be treated as a new member and tenure would be reduced by one month for calculations as in point 5 and 6 above. 8)Points structure designed for all members for doing a good job e.g. for giving referral business to other business owner (Points to be given by the business who receives a favour after verification and realization of payment). 9)Few of above systems are under development and active members would be informed about the launch or upgrade to existing system. These systems would preferably be online. 10)Every members speaks in a given format for at least 2-3 minutes in a structured way.

Format of speaking (2-3 minutes)

I Mr. First Name , Last Name working as DESIGNATION and owner of ORGANISATION wants to declare my achievements of a week as below – Number of business inquiries passed on Total amount of business referred. (Approximate amount in rupees was –). Achievement in my own business due to other member’s leads was rupees — Achievement in my business due to my own efforts is rupees   – optional   I Mr. First Name , Last Name working as DESIGNATION and owner of ORGANISATION wants to declare my targets of a next week as below – Number of business inquiries to be passed on — Total amount of business to be referred. (Approximate amount in rupees). Achievement in my own business in rupees would be —.

By joining Minority Business Forum on aBusiness you agree to –

1.Provide genuine information 2.Disclosure of provided information personal contact details to participants – ( Information shared should be used to get or offer business leads without any expectation.) 3.Not to disclose any business critical, patented or to be patented, trade secret. aBusiness do not require any private information and is not liable if  it is misused by any of the member or otherwise. 4.Not to mention a name of any competitor or other organization who is not a part of the group. 5.Be in formal and business attire and present a best possible impression of yourself. 6.Share own video whenever is it asked to do so. (Participants should see you for better leads sharing). 7.Receive emails and add the email address of aBusiness to contact list. 8.Abide to new policies as and when they are updated and communicated. 9.While accessing online content by aBusiness you abide to the policies as stated on www.abusiness.co.in/terms and on www.abusiness.co.in/privacy/index.html 10.Report via email to abhijit@abusiness.co.in or during a call if any suspicious activity is observed about any of the group member or about aBusiness. 11.Not to share any information disclosed by any of the group member to outside of the group. 12.Final decision right to be exclusively given to aBusiness for any matters related to group and activities of group. 13.Ensure proper security measures on device (Mobile , Laptop, etc.-) which you use to access any online content and during all video conferences. 14.Membership termination rights to aBusiness if aBusiness suspects any false information or threat to the group or any of the member. 15.All points stated as under heading “Short Structure of Business Forum” above and “Other important Terms and Conditions” as below . 16.New additions to points stated as under heading “Short Structure of Business Forum” above and to the new additions to “Other important Terms and Conditions” as below. 17.Giving exclusive rights to aBusiness to add or delete any member to referral system/scheme or to any other scheme/system mentioned above or otherwise. 18.Be active listener in all video calls or events by being in front of the camera all for entire scheduled duration of all calls. 19.Participate by unmuting the microphone if host requests you to speak. And mute microphone after the allotted time is over and after completing the desired speech. 20.Keeping microphone muted whenever host is speaking. 21.Update contact information via email to abhijit@abusiness.co.in and as a declaration in a call to all members present. 22.Validate information received by third party and genuineness of the third party before passing on the information to group or any member of the group. 23.Share links of personal as well as professional profile of own which are available on social media and company websites or industrial listing website. Other important Terms and Conditions: 1.Amount paid is non refundable and is paid without any obligation. 2.aBusiness or any of member or associate do not guarantee any amount of business or any quality of business leads. 3.While we at aBusiness are taking adequate security measures to protect online information, we do not take any guarantee or commitment against viruses or uptime of the website or information stored therein if subject to any malicious attack or any system issue.

Online Event’s Access
Whats App Number

Why to learn and apply the knowledge ?

“The key secret to success is not excessive expertise, but the ability to use it. Knowledge is worthless unless it is applied.”

— Max Lukominskyi

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.”

— John Smith

a Free access

Online event 30th Aug @09.00pm

Minority Business Forum is a paid forum. Register for our email updates and get a free one day entry to our on boarding event online. We invite guests to one of the meetings. We do not guarantee a free access to every registration. Click on enroll now button if you have received any communication or an invitation to be a member. Enrolling is mandatory for all guests as well as to a paid member. After you enroll Confirm and add our email to address book on receipt of welcome email.

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